Rodent Control

Industry Leading Rodent Control Techiques

Infestations of rats and mice are a common occurrence in human dwellings as our homes create a perfect environment for them.

Rodents are able to squeeze into the smallest gaps, contaminate food stuffs and their front teeth require to continuous chewing on a variety of materials.

  • Trapping using snap traps.
  • Installation of an effective baiting programme.
  • Proofing of any entry points allowing them to get in.

Rodent Management Techniques

Rodent control is an on-going process due to rodent behavior, feeding patterns and breading rate, because of this, one visit sometimes isn’t enough, therefore a rodent management plan may require multiple visits.

It is very important that your Professional Pest Management Technicians bait rodents according to industry leading code of practices. The code of practice for rodents states that all rodent baits must be stored in a lockable bait station in easily accessible areas due to their toxicity to mammalian species (this includes humans and pets). Failing to adhere to this, may result in harm if ingested by non target mammals.

On-site Rodent Assessment

Industry Leading Rodent Control Techiques

On-going Monitoring and Advice